Too Rowdy: Pub closes!

RENOWNED for their rowdiness, Shanks Pony put on a show recently at Dunsborough Tavern and were told to shut it’s doors by local police.

The venue was told that it did not have enough security available to cater for the crowds and that it had to close the doors, but were allowed to keep the venue open to its customers that were still there.

Piano accordion player Todd Lynch said it was disappointing that fans had to be turned away.

“It was the first time we had played at Dunsborough Tavern and were looking forward to entertaining the local punters and long weekend holiday makers,” he said.

“We apologise to all those that turned up to see us play, but unfortunately the matter was out of our control.  The venue also apologised to us for not being able to let everyone in, which they also stated was out of their hands”.

“We received excellent comments about our performance from both staff and punters, so are still happy with the overall outcome”.

Lynch said that the incident would not deter them from playing at the venue again, but would sort out security arrangements for next time.

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