Size Doesn't Matter

We’re living in a world where bigger is best
Big house, big cars, silicone breasts
I get a sore neck when I am always looking up
And there’s still a lot a sipping in a 12B cup  … ‘cause

Size doesn’t matter if you have a little love
Size doesn’t matter to the lord above
Size doesn’t matter, it don’t matter what they say
‘Cause size doesn’t matter you should sing it every day

I wanna cup of coffee and they put it in a mug
Selling me Viagra when I only want a hug
Grab a little slice of heaven in this world today
‘Cause a little bit of lovin’ goes a long long way … ‘cause


Use a big biotic on a tiny little bug
End up with a virus that the world can’t shrug
Something leads to nuthin’ in a large size way
And the biggest loudest people always have the least to say


Why don’t ya start a little family with a lovin’ little wife
With a little bit of nothing you can lead a simple life
Have a little bit of love, a little bit of hope
A little bit of food and some fuel for the stove


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