Rockin’ Nannup Festival

Well the Nannup Music Festival was a huge success from the Shanks Pony point of view.

We all arrived on Friday and were booked into the Donnelly River Holiday Village.

There was an Irish seisiun at the hall in the village so we took our instruments down there and had a sing-along with everyone.  It was great fun and thanks to all that attended and welcomed us into the group.

Our first gig was at the Village Green and there was probably 100 or so people there.  It was quite hot so everyone ducked for the shaded areas.  We were all a little nervous to be playing our first gig, but it went well nonetheless.

It was here that we discovered Haydn’s new Shanks Pony nickname … ‘Phantom’.

A couple of hours later we appeared at the Nannup Hotel (well actually we appeared a little earlier standing at the bar)!  The beer garden was packed to say the least and we had an excellent response from all that attended.  We played a couple of Irish tunes as well as some from our soon to be released CD.

We actually ended up having an early night that night and drove ourselves back to Donnelly River.

On Sunday we appeared once again at the Nannup Hotel (and once again a little earlier at the bar)!  There was probably a smaller crowd at this show, due to the fact that the artists before us were quite mellow and the sun was so hot that most people were probably inside escaping the sun.  That didn’t take long for them to all appear once we burst on to stage though!

We were also quite lucky to start a little earlier as the performer before us packed up pretty quickly and we were ready to go.  It meant we were able to play a couple more tunes than what we had initially thought …  it didn’t stop the cheers for more when we had finished though.

So that was our last gig at Nannup for 2007, but we hung around to see some of the local acts.  I must say we enjoyed the Dead Kelly’s performance and thoroughly loved Double Entrende.  If you get a chance to see them before they head off on their northwest tour, make sure you do as they’re worth it!

One thing we did manage to do is miss our bus back to Donnelly River that night.  The lady that sold us our tickets said that it’d be waiting in town for us, but it wasn’t – it was waiting down by the forshore venue.  Anyhow – a big thanks to Annie & Phil Beck who saved our skins from a 24km walk (or a night in the gutter)!

All in all, we had a fantastic time and hope that we’ll get the opportunity to do it all again next year.

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