Lend Me Your Ladder

Show me your passion, give me some spark.  Fire up my senses
Shove me I’m hazy, push me I’m lazy, tear down these fences.
Where’s inspiration.  What if I’m blind to the colour before me
Lead me I’ll follow I won’t let you down now please don’t ignore me

You’re bright you’re dynamic you’re free and you’re focussed you get the job finished.
Allow me to mention it’s not my intention to feel so diminished
I’ll climb the stone wall and my strength will come through if you lend me your ladder
And if it should be you find comfort in me then I’d even be gladder

Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ah ah ah x 4

We stride with a purpose and ever resilient advance through the trenches
Dark clouds have lifted momentum has shifted to sunny park benches
But stay right beside me each morning and show me the way
To get out and want to discover each beautiful day

Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ah ah ah x 4

Suddenly life was just never the same
Time was well spent not just passing the blame
The black dog was captured and sent to the pound
In a life full of fear there was peace to be found.

Ahhh Ahhh etc

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