Fiddle the Books

Ya fiddled the books and ya told the lies
Expected the world not to recognize
Corruption, deception the company buys
A bloody great chunk of Australia

Single and smart yer eyes on he ball
You’ll go a long way cos you know it all
Beamers and Gucci’s have you got the gall
To eliminate all them before ya

Pounding a path through your corporate foes
Shedding your documents, nobody knows
Offshore account so you know where it goes
Exhibit your criminal leanings


Wages are falling so profits are high
Golden tooth smile and a glint in your eye
I.R. reform its about bloody time
Sign here or hasta la vista


The ball it keeps rolling it wont ever stop
The Aussie T.O. wont have me on the hop
Me best mates are pollies and judges and cops
And we meet at the club every thursday


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