City Muster at Fenians

The 2008 Perth City Muster was held on Saturday 23rd at Claremont showgrounds, with the recommended accommodation at a hotel nearby Fenians.  A free shuttle bus service was provided by that hotel to and from the venue, so there were quite a few chequered shirts and cowboy hats roaming throughout the pub later on in the evening.

So it happens, the songbirds of the show were also staying at a hotel only a few hundred metres of where we were playing that evening.  Luckily for us they finished their show fairly early and decided to wind-down with a few drinks at Fenians afterwards.

Fenians was graced with the presence of Gina Jeffreys, Beccy Cole and Sara Storer all of whom were certainly enjoying our music.  Sitting at a booth next to the stage, they were keen to hear us play and obviously be entertained for a change.  And whilst it took a little effort to get Beccy on the dance floor, the three girls were up dancing the night away.

Unfortunately they didn’t hang around all night – which was probably a good thing considering the punters from the City Muster also turned up, and things could have got wild!  We had hoped to get them on stage for a sing-along but nonetheless, maybe next time they’re in town.  So thanks girls for gracing us with your presence, it was a definite Shanks Pony highlight for us.

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