CD Review by Colin Merrey

A Year in a Pub
The debut CD
by Shanks Pony

This is the debut CD by local band “Shanks Pony”.  It was launched recently at one of my old haunts, Clancy’s in Fremantle.  I was unfortunately unable to attend the launch, having instead to satisfy myself with giving the CD a listen on your behalf.  This I was pleased to do as I am very supportive of local music talent, particularly in this music style.

The boys have a very energetic approach to their music which is reminiscent of the great Australian bush bands (I am reminded of the Bushwhackers, the Cobbers, Celtic City Sons and, yes, even the Settlers and Ramblers Fare – in the days of Francis O’Mara, that is).

Nearly all of the songs are up tempo.  Some are new to me and, although uncredited, appear to be originals by the band.  There were some traditional songs included for good measure, in particular Lachlan Tigers, and the set concludes with a rollicking version of Whip Jamboree (this latter a stalwart of mine in the old Blackwater and Colonial days – albeit with a slightly different set of lyrics from the version that we used to do).

I thoroughly enjoyed the album and think that you would too.

I understand that it is available from the Band directly but am not sure about from the local record shops – but you could always contact Fred Rea or check out the Band’s website – www.shankspony.com.au for more information on the band and it’s local gigs.  Available from website:  www.shankspony.com.au

Review by Colin Merrey
Irish Scene Vol. 9 / No. 5
July/Aug 2007

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