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St Patrick’s Day 2018

This year you can catch us playing: Saturday March 17 – Swinging Pig (Rockingham), 4-7pm Saturday March 17 – Durty Nelly’s (Shafto Lane, Perth City), 9pm-12am


St Patrick’s Day 2015

This year is a great line up for Shanks Pony with two new venues and a trip back to Karratha. You can catch us playing: Saturday March 14 – Tambrey Taven (Karratha), 8pm Sunday March 15 – Tambrey Tavern (Karratha), 4pm Tuesday March 17 – The Swinging Pig (Rockingham), 1-4pm Tuesday March 17 – The […]


Shanks Pony on Facebook

Shanks Pony now have their own group page on Facebook. If you use Facebook frequently, make sure you become a fan of Shanks Pony. Try the usual search function or alternatively, try this link:


How to play Accordion

At a recent private Shanks Pony party, a milestone for one of the drove to say the least, there was some music happening as you can surely imagine. Well – Pete’s son Charlie decided that he wouldn’t have a problem playing the accordion.  It was obviously too heavy for him to pick it up so […]


New Web-Site Launched

Well as you can tell – the new web-site has finally been launched, and so far all the testing we have done, everything appears to be working well. If you notice any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know of any. Now – if you’re trying to sign up to be […]


CD out soon

Shanks Pony are delighted to announce that their upcoming CD is being pressed as this piece of news is being written. The CD will be released in February with intial sales available at the Nannup music festival. There are 8 tracks on this disc. Demos will be available on this web-site by the end of […]


New Web-Site Coming Soon

We here at the Shanks Pony headquarters have been frantically upgrading the Shanks Pony web-site.  It is currently being tested and we’re hoping it will be up and running by the end of Feb 2007.  It will have a new look and some great new features including a member only section.


Recording Scheduled for January

Shanks Pony will be recording an EP at the end of January 2007. It is planned to have the CD available for sale at the Nannup music festival (March 3) At this stage, it is unknown when and where the CD launch will take place, and how many tracks will appear on the disc.


Who’s On Bass?

Shanks Pony are looking for another bass player. Gus Cunnen is currently playing with Shanks Pony until a more permanent member is acquired.  Gus also plays at Fenians on Friday nights in a band called “The Clan”.  Thanks for helping us our Gus. UDATE 30/11/2006:  New bass player found!  More info soon.

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