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Are you looking for music that sounds distinctively Australian, but has celtic roots fuelled by beer chugging choruses, full-bosomed bar wenches and the finest lyrics ranging from the sensitive to down right rowdy? If you are, and you intend to catch a night out at the pub with such a band, make sure you take Shanks Pony.

Shanks Pony is an idiom meaning to walk; to "travel by shanks pony" or "ride on shanks pony" is to walk to your destination. Older forms of the phrase include shanks nag and shanks mare, using different terms for horses.

The shank is the lower part of the leg, now more commonly referred to as the calf; hence the term references travelling "by leg".

It was first recorded as "shanks-nag", in 1785. [source]

One thing's for sure... you wont want to be travelling by any other means than Shanks Pony after leaving the pub, as the lads from this rowdy four piece will have your feet tapping and your body moshing hard. So hard that your quench for pints of that lovely black stuff will outweigh your judgement in counting how many you've had. Well I guess you could always hail a cab but still, there's no friggin' chardonnay sipping in this outfit.

Don’t give me your chardonnay, your metrosexual fads
I’d rather a strong porter and a larger with the lads - Bring on the Pints

Referred to as the Australian version of The Pogues, Shanks Pony are able to pull off a huge sound with only four lads on stage. They are a band that knows how to have fun, combining on-stage antics with up-tempo music. With lyrics ranging from the sensitive to the down-right rowdy this oz/celtic rock style has influences stemming from Weddings Parties Anything, Flogging Molly and The Pogues. Taking it one step further Shanks Pony has had a crack at traditional Aussie bush-folk tunes breathing new life into almost seemingly forgotten tunes. Their racy version of Ryebuck Shearer with a beer-chugging chorus is one that immediately has your feet tapping and always wins over an audience young or old. Their modern approach to songs about well known Australian bush rangers, sheep shearing traditionals and the old Australian lifestyle has brought these
old tunes back into the 21st century.

Next time you get an opportunity to spend an evening at the pub, make sure you see these local lads from Perth, Western Australia. I'll leave you with the chorus from their latest tune which is the title track from their debut CD.

Lets's drink to the life of a city hotel
And Lets sing to the sway of the beers
The stout and the Stingo the old black and tan
A year in a pub and I'll always remember the tears
I will always remember the tears
- A Year in a Pub

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